Gourd Preparation Tips

For instructions on the correct usage of a gourd and bombilla, please read The Yerba Mate Gourd article.

Now, for those who do not have the patience, there is a simplified meathod that was developed by one of the Mate Factor staff here in Winnipeg. We call it the Kohlev meathod (after it's namesake).

The Kohlev Method (simplified)

  1. Dump a quarter cup of Mate in Gourd
  2. Fill Gourd with water
  3. Stick Bombilla in Gourd
  4. Drink!

Here are some tips to make a great tasting gourd brew...

  • Fill your gourd with orange (or other fruit) juice instead of water.
  • Try 1/4 cup of one of our other Mate Factor blends mixed with 1/4 cup Brazilian Green Yerba Mate.
  • Some people add activated charcoal and lime to their Mate. This is purported to be very healthy.
  • My favorite is to put a slice of peach, grapefruit or lemon in the gourd with Brazilian Green Mate.

What do You Put in Your Gourd?