I had bought the Ingenuity last year and couldnt sell them. When I went back to the gift show in alberta. They told me to start using them in my resturant ..Now I cant keep them in stock. I didnt sell one in 8 months on the shelf ,,,I sold all 12 within a week of using them. Great product.

I absolutely love the Citrus Rose tea. Such a wonderful splash of healthy flavour. I could chug it all day :)
Many thanks

Mint Mocha has become our new favourite tea, we previously were earl grey drinkers but have completely converted! My husband has been bugging me for weeks to order more!

Mate Helped with Gout!

During the mid 70's I was enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces
and was released in the summer of 1980. As part of the release procedure the
military did a final medical exam and I was told that I had gout. Well as
what happens with most things in life if it doesn't make you laugh or cry
is quickly forgotten, and so it was.

About 10 years later I discovered one evening a slight ache at the base of
my big toe which I rubbed to make it feel better and thought nothing more of
it. The next morning upon waking all I could feel was an excruciating pain
in my right foot with considerable redness and swelling at the base of the
big toe and top of the foot. To say it hurt was an understatement and found
it very difficult to put my shoe on let alone walk on it. I immediately
sought medical treatment which confirmed I had an attack of gout. Now I knew
without a doubt what it was and what it would do to me.

Though I hate to take medication as a rule I had little choice if I wanted
any sort of relief from the pain. After a few weeks of taking the medication
my foot returned to it's former glory and the incident was soon forgotten.

About a year later low and behold I was awoken from a fitful sleep with a
familiar pain in the foot with it's redness and swelling in tow and once
again off to the Doctor and the required medication and another 2 weeks to

The next gout attack occurred only a few months after that and I thought
"I'm really fed up with this and I'm going to ride it out", "after all it
can't last forever". so I did not see a Doctor this time and carried on
working and suffering for an entire month with no relief in sight, so I
finally broke down and got the medication and all was well.

This carried on for a number of years with 1 to 2 gout attacks every year.
Then around the spring of 2004 I was on a visit to my family in Nelson BC
and as it happened, you guessed it, I had another painful gout attack.
However there is more to life than just gout and my mother was quite excited
about a new restaurant the she and my sister had discovered called the
"Preserved Seed" which served food with all natural ingredients and they had
this tea which they both raved about.

So the first opportunity we went down for lunch, however to my dismay when
we drove by the restaurant I saw it was on the side of a hill with more
stairs than I could count or my foot could handle so we parked at the top of
the hill and with fewer steps hobbled down to the entrance and finally
rested at a table for lunch. We ordered our food and of course the Mate tea
and found it was a bit on the bitter side but on the whole quite pleasant
and definitely a full bodied tea not just some tea flavored water as it had
some substance to it. As I sat there drinking my tea I read the pamphlet
describing how good it was and all the nutrients that were in it etc.
however nothing in the pamphlet was to prepare me for what was to come.

The next day I noticed a considerable reduction in the pain and swelling and
told my mother about it and said that I wanted to go back to the Preserved
Seed for lunch and this time I'm going to buy a few bags of tea as well. As
we were looking for a place to park we were unable to find parking at the
top of the hill and was forced to park at the bottom which meant that there
were more steps to climb, however as I got out of my van I said to my mother
that my foot feels so good I bet I could run up those stairs and to prove
the point I did just that and we were both amazed and dare I say I was

Since that time I continued drinking Mate tea on a daily basis and have had
very few bouts of gout and those times that I had the gout I didn't have any
Mate on hand, mostly because I hadn't ordered it in time or the restaurant
didn't have enough on hand to ship to me.

While I don't claim it as a cure for gout or anything else I do recommend it
based on my personal experience to help manage gout especially on a
preventative maintenance basis not to mention that I feel my general health
has improved overall.

Many thanks to those at Common Sense Natural Products and the Preserved Seed
for providing a product that I would hate to do without.

Woman's World had the following to say about Yerba Mate!

South America’s ‘Secret’ Weight-Loss Tea

If, like most Americans, you haven’t heard of Yerba Mate - the national drink of Argentina - it’s about time you did. Why? Because it has the power to shrink your appetite, tame your cravings, rev you up and trim you down! Here’s why you should get in on South America’s top slimming secret…

Like any working mom, Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri is a busy woman. On a typical day, she counsels patients, offers expert court testimony, works on her upcoming book, chauffeurs her eight-year old, helps with homework, makes dinner and generally tries to keep her house from looking like hurricane alley. So It’s easy to see how she came to crave regular pick-me-ups.

“Mid-morning, I used to have a Danish or a donut,” sighs the famed L.A. psychologist. “Then in the afternoon, I’d have a muffin with coffee. Plus, burgers for lunch, huge bowls of pasta for dinner. It was stress related eating. I knew I wasn’t choosing the right foods, but I couldn’t seem to help myself.” For awhile, she tried to ignore the weight steadily creeping onto her petite 5’3” frame. Then came the morning when her favorite jeans wouldn’t button any more. She realized something had to give. “It was either forget shopping or lose weight,” she recalls, “ I decided to give weight loss a try.”

And is she ever glad she did! Fifteen pounds slimmer after just six weeks, the 37-year-old – affectionately known to patients as “Dr Shirley” – also doubled her energy and shrunk her appetite down in size. Did she squeeze a complicated diet or grueling exercise into her packed schedule? Nah. She simply discovered – make that rediscovered – a virtually effortlessly little trick, one she first tucked up her sleeve as a teenager exploring the world with her family…
Argentina’s sip-yourself-slim secret

Dr. Shirley’s initial inclination ad been to try the Zone, a celebfavorite diet that calls for drastically cutting carb consumption. “I had these terrible carbohydrates cravings, so it was difficult for me to stay with it.” The California native recalls. Yet she kept trying struggling… until a lucky day when wandering through a gourmet deli, she had a lightbulb moment. There, sitting on a shelf, was a package of Yerba Mate -a tea she’d first sipped as a girl….

“For three years while I was in high school, my parents took us to live near relatives in Argentina, where yerba mate is part of the cultural tradition, kind of like coffee is for Americans,” she explains. “I remember that the younger people realized drinking yerba mate made us eat less and lose weight. We purposely drank lots of it to keep nice and trim. It wasn’t anything scientific back then, just teenage girls wanting to look good. But when I remembered that, I did some research.” What she found inspired her to begin drinking two to three cups of the spicy herbal brew a day. And those cups of tea prompted her incredibly effortless weight loss.

Considering the kind of results Dr. Shirley got, it’s no surprise word of yerba mate’s slimming power has begun to spread. In Scottsdale, Arizona, hairstylist Jamie Rosen shed a whooping 45 pounds after a friend insisted she try it. San Francisco yoga instructor Stephanie Bernstein had her first taste of the tea at a health-food store where they were handing out free samples; she took some home and promptly dropped 10 incredibly stubborn pounds. And then there are the folks who’ve tested yerba mate in a more formal setting – specifically a research lab. One group given supplements spiked with yerba mated lost over 10 times more weight than those who go a sugar pill instead. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” says one top doc involved in the yerba mated studies. “The weight-loss results using yerba mate were truly remarkable.”
What yerba mate can do for you

Do you feel as though your metabolism is stalled? Do you have strong urges to eat that sabotage your efforts to slim down? Yerba mate can offer relief from both problems, say experts. Here’s how:
It will boost your ability to burn calories.

When scientists at the Universite de Lausanne in the Switzerland tested different plants said to have fat-burning properties, only yerba mate was found to possess real power to melt flab. It works its magic courtesy of something called the “thermogenic effect,” which essentially triggers the body to turn excess calories (calories that would otherwise end up in fat cells) into heat that simply rises off the skin and disappears, explains Lynn Anderson, N.D., Ph.D., author of several health and nutrition books. And by causing more calories to be burned than usual, the thermogenic effect makes it easy to burn off more calories than we consume-which in turn, forces stored fat to be burned!

“It definitely revved me up and speeded up my metabolism,” confirms Dr. Shirley. Jamie eventually came to the same conclusion-but first she had a lot of scepticism to overcome. “I’m a realist, so I didn’t believe there was a ‘super-tea’ you could drink with your Krispy Kremes and still lose weight,” says the mom of two, 39. “But a friend who heard me constantly complaining about my weight frustration said, ‘You have to try it. I’ll give you a box.’ I made a big jugful and started drinking it with ice.” To Jamie’s surprise, she dropped from a size 12 to a size 6 in two months-and the shrinking didn’t stop there. “One day, I pulled on a pair of size 6 pants, and I was swimming in them!” she says. “So I got out a box of my ‘pre-mommy’ clothes and pulled on a pair of size 4 jeans. They fit!
It fills you up as much as an entire meal would.

A Danish study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics found that a supplement containing yerba mate slowed the release of stomach contents by a full 20 minutes, so test subjects felt full sooner and longer. The effect not only left volunteers

satisfied, it left them skinny: in 45 days, people taking the yerba mate combination lost 16 times more weight than those who didn’t. (Note: you’ll need to sip yerba mated during or soon after meals to maximize this effect, say experts.)

Yerba mate also helps curb hunger by meeting a surprising number of the body’s nutritional requirements for zero calories. A French study found that it contains almost all of the vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain life: calcium, iron potassium, magnesium, vitamins A, C, E and more.

Dr. Shirley is so stuffed thanks to drinking the tea that she has all but give up snacks and has to remind herself to eat meals. “Often, the morning goes by, and suddenly it’s 2 p.m. and I still haven’t felt a hunger pang,” she says. Jamie noticed her appetite disappearing too-especially for the sugary foods that once sabotaged her weight loss. “I used to wake up wanting cookies,” she says. “But since I started the tea, I don’t have those unstoppable cravings. Even my husband noticed the difference.”
It doubles your energy without caffeine jitters.

What if exercise was suddenly something you wanted to do? Well. When you start drinking yerba mate tea, don’t be surprised if that happens! “Yerba mate contains a chemical compound called mateine, which is thought by many authorities to be identical to caffeine with one exception-it doesn’t cause jitteriness,” notes Raymond M. Lombardi, D.C., N.D., a certified herbalist based in Redding, California. “But like caffeine, it has a stimulating effect on metabolism.” A faster metabolism not only means you burn more calories, it means you turn more calories into energy. So your get-up-and-go goes through the roof!

Dr. Shirley, Jamie and Stephanie all found this out firsthand. Says Dr. Shirley; “I started walking so much more. If I needed to go a few blocks, I’d walk instead of taking the car. I’d take a walk after dinner. I enjoyed it!” Jamie, who had never exercised consistently before, suddenly got hooked on aerobics and strength training. Meanwhile, Stephanie found herself so much more revved up by yerba mate that she automatically started doing her regular yoga routines more vigorously. “My clothes fit differently almost immediately!” she says.
It soothes moodiness-and curbs emotional eating.

One more thing about mateine: it’s a double-duty compound. As it stimulates the metabolism into turning more calories to energy, it simultaneously soothes the nervous system. You feel less nervous and anxious, and you’re better able to resist physical and mental fatigue, says Daniel Mowrey, Ph.D., who first began researching yerba mate over 25 years ago. “improvement in mood, especially in cases of depression, often follows drinking the tea,” he says. And that takes the temptation out of fattening comfort foods.

Dr. Shirley can vouch for that. “Taking care of other people’s needs is a stressful job. Before, it felt like there were never enough hours in the day,” she says. But with the tea? “I’m not always stressed out about getting everything done anymore. I’m calmer. Of course, I also get a lot more things done in a day, so I not only handle things better, I have less to worry about!” Certainly losing weight is no longer a worry for Dr. Shirley. “All of a sudden, I found myself changing in front of the mirror again,” she says. “I felt really good, and was calling all my friends to tell them about my weight loss!” Adds Jamie: “Everyone laughed after I had my kids and talked about getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothed. But I’m the one who’s laughing now!”

So what are you waiting for? Brew a cup of yerba mate tea and get on the road to a slimmer, more energized and less stressed you.

Stephanie Huszar
Woman’s World
October 21, 2003

I lost weight with the help of Yerba Mate!

"What I have learned EXPERIENTIALLY during the past few years about weight loss might actually help you. I don't know if you are like me but it is very hard for me to trust and put my faith in the countless natural remedies that are out there. They usually don't work! I guess we are talking about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge can be learned in a short period of time without any suffering. But wisdom comes through effort and time. Knowledge is not 100 percent truthful unless it is tested and accompanied by experience, but wisdom learned through experience never lets you down.

It is amazing, the year that I started drinking Yerba Mate was the year that I started to see an obvious change in my weight. At the time I was working on a farm in BC. During those two years I ate well, worked hard, and faithfully drank 2 to 3 cups of the Mate Factor Brazilian Green Yerba Mate. I was never a big fan of teas, but the slightly bitter yet deep and classy and distinct flavor of Mate soon found favor in my taste buds!!!

During those two years I lost an incredible amount of weight, then I moved over to Winnipeg where I worked at a cafe for the next two years. I was surrounded by scrumptious, delicious & nutritious food all day long (and an endless supply of quality Yerba Mate from the Maté Factor).

Through my past experiences I have learned that suppressing and oppressing your food cravings and appetites are absolutely useless. Even though for a time you will be able to keep a really tight diet yet it is inconsistent and sooner or later your desire for food becomes so much that you will lose self control and you will break your diet and then you have to deal with the mental guilt and... But I have seen that consistency is the best cure for any lasting change in life. They say if you develop a habit and practice it for 21 days afterwards that habit is yours forever.

To my surprise, in the two years that I was at the cafe not only did I not gain weight but I continued to lose weight.

I was neither doing any real hard physical labour nor much exercise, but I was pretty much on my feet all day and stayed very active. I ate three meals a day (one good portion), I judged myself to the best of my abilities and did not eat more food than what my body needed, and I drank 3 (and every now and then 4) cups of green Mate.

I learned that the best thing to do is to drink one cup of Mate and some water in the morning before breakfast (it helps lessen your appetite), and another cup an hour or so before lunch, and another one in the late afternoon.

Basically it has worked the best for me to drink Yerba Mate on an empty stomach. It has the most effect on your body (energy-wise) and it also makes you less hungry and prepares you for your next meal!

I have been training myself to like the plain green Mate. But at times when I am craving food or sweets I mix some orange juice or apple cider with my Mate and I have it cold with some ice (add 1/3 cup of juice to 2/3 cup of Mate) and that deals with the craving.

After a few weeks of being faithful in doing that you will see results and not only will you feel better but also you will start to lose weight. I have heard that there is no painless progress in life. But drinking Yerba Mate definitely helped lessen the efforts I otherwise would have had to take in order to lose this much weight.

Thanks so much for MATE FACTOR!

I was a crazy coffee addict and one day my office did an intervention
and said either stop drinking all that coffee or you have to work behind
closed doors with no contact with us. My teenage son had the same
sentiment so clearly it was time to make a change.

I didn't know how I would survive without coffee until somehow I found
Mate FACTOR. The flavor is so rich and delicious. In my opinion it is
so much better than that of the finest coffee. But the buzz is not
extreme and manic...you are just a little livelier and more alert and
therefore productive with a smile throughout the day.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!